District Governor Program

District Governor Lion Indu Lamsal’s Program- “Rise to Empower”

DG Focused Programs 

  • Vocational Skills for :
    1. Women Empowerment
    2.  youth Empowerment


  • Club Extension/
  • Membership Growth
  • Women Focused Programs -dlxnf nlIft sfo{qmdx?_
    • Nari samman Programs both in District and Club Levels
    • Special Teej Celebration programs
    • Formation of New Ladies Lions Clubs
    • Invite more Ladies in Lionism
    • Skill Development programs to Empower the Women
    • Focus on Female Health Program ( Breast Cancer Awareness & Screening and Uterine Prolepses Camps)
  • Focus on Women friendly programs
  • Organize women’s symposium
  •  Self Defense Program to Adolescences


    • a) Diabetic Awareness
    • b) Support to Differently able people ( Wheel Chair, Hearing aide, White stick)
    • c) Blood Donation
    • d) Tree Plantation
    • e) Lions Park support program
    • f) Mega Health Camp
    • a) Lions Leadership Camp ( LLC)
    • b) PVST Schoolings
    • c) Cabinet officers Schooling
    • d) New Members orientation
    • e) Reporting Training
    • f) Quiz Contest
    • a) Area-wise Fellowship Program at Kathmandu, Pokhara and Dhaulagiri
    • b) Festival Exchange Program
    • c) Multiple Level Fellowship Program
    • d) Nepal Lions Day Celebration
    • e) MJF Day Celebration
  • DG Meet Programs;
    • DG Meet With Region and Zone Chairpersons
    • DG Meet With Club Presidents
    • DG Meet With Charter Presidents
    • DG Club Visit
    • Charter Night/Day Celebration Ceremonies
    • a) Nepal Lions Foundation
      • i) NLF ii) PNLF iii) Mega iv) Grand v) Platinum vi) Titanium vii) Progressive
  • b) LCIF
    • i) MJF/PMJF
  • ii) Contributing Member
  • iii) Support to Campaign 100
  • c) Padhaun Abhiyan
  • i) New fund establishment
  • ii) Meeting with trustee
  • iii) Mega Scholarship Distribution Program
  • d) Support to TU Lions Blood Transfusion and research Center
  • Youth Programs
  • a) Skill Development program to empower the youth
  • b) Create an opportunity of Job
  • c) Formation of more Leo clubs
  • d) Work with Leos for the betterment of youth
  •  Social Marketing of Lions Club
  • a) “We serve” program on TV and FM Radio
  • b) Honoring the Journalist
  •  Continuation of PDG’s main Program
  • a) 2018-019; DG Lion Ashok Shrestha- Support to Differently able people ( Wheel Chair,
  • Hearing aide, White stick)
  • b) 2017-018; DG Lion Dhana Raj Acharya- Padhaun Abhiyan
  • c) 2016-017; DG Lion Balkrishna Burlakoti; Club Extension/ Mega Health Camp
  • d) 2015-016; DG Lion Dhruba Thapa; NLF Strengthen
  • e) 2014-015; DG Lion BhugolSherchan; NLF Strengthen
  • f) 2013-014; DG Lion Yukta Prasad Shrestha; Library Establishment
  • g) 2012-013; DG Lion Deepak Shrestha; LLC
  • h) 2010-011; DG Lion Rajan lamsal; Club Extension
  • i) 2005-06; DG Lion Yogendra Pradhan; Self Realization , NLF
  • j) 2003-04; DG Lion Girdhari Sharma; Fellowship; Promote fellowship through Service
  • k) 1998-099; DG Lion Prem Bahadur Shrestha; Club Extension
  • l) 1993-094; DG Lion Gautam Man Shrestha; NLF


Initiation of redistricting process

We Serve
Through Diversity

Creating harmony through service with 103rd
International President, Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

  • Specialty Clubs
  •  Service Journey
  •  Member of all Ages
  •  Supporting our Foundation (LCIF)
  •  Global Causes

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