District Governor Message

Greeting to all my fellow Lion members,

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the voters for electing me to the district Governor for the year 2019-20. I am honored and humbled that you have placed your trust in me.

Lions Clubs International has already crossed its 101 years of journey successfully with uncountable social works and services. Lion year 2019-20 has been just started and we are ready with our plans and programs with district slogan “Rise To Empower”.

We will be working with our district slogan starting within the club first and to the community as soon as possible with full energy and dedication. To empower a Lions member is to authorize that individual to act for the club and community.

We will be continuing our job by providing community services, encouraging empowerment and promoting mutual understanding beside our regular task.

As we know that Lions Clubs international District 325 b1 Nepal has done excellent job in the field of education, health, environment and disable people. Nepal Lions Foundation (NLF) and Lions Education Fund (PADHAU AABHIYAN) are pride of our district and it is our vital responsibility to manage and upgrade them.  Similarly, we will be continuing the work with the new vision of empowerment.

With the hope of getting full support of our cabinet members, clubs and well-wishers we will work according to the district slogan “Rise to Empower” along with the international slogan “We Serve” and achieve our goals.  

-Long Live Lionism-


MJF Lion Indu Lamsal     

District Governor

  District 325 B1 Nepal 

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